UM TOOLS: a new company with more than 35 years of experience

We combined Utensilnord and Metrotecnica into a single company, UM TOOLS Srl, a new commercial reality that brings experience in the mechanical processing sector from 1980 in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, and then expanded its market in Italy and over the border with new products and ideas.

Merge, to work together.

We select the materials among the proposals of hundreds of the most important national and international suppliers.
We provide experience and expertise in this choices, through a careful study of the technical and economic benefits deriving from their use. Thanks to the large warehouses of our offices, we guarantee our customers fast deliveries.
Our technicians and metrology specialists are available to provide assistance in selecting the right solutions, to put the products into operation, perform technical tests and updates. You can contact our technicians by phone and by mail.
We organize training courses (milling, turning, drilling, tapping, economics and competitiveness) for sector employees at our headquarters, in our branches and in customer companies. To increase productivity and efficiency in the workshop, we also offer a profitable and innovative Tool Management System, which provides for the management of customer consumables by automating withdrawals, surveys and restorations. The associated company Dima Utensili produces special solutions in Hard Metal and HSS, and takes care of regrinding the standard. The new production and control machines, characterized by high technology and advanced work systems, ensure high quality production.

Our services

  • Milling with mechanical fastening and inserts
  • Turning with mechanical fastening and inserts
  • Parting and grooving with mechanical fastening and inserts
  • Boring, precision boring and reaming
  • Threading with mechanical fastening and inserts
  • Drilling with mechanical fastening and inserts
  • Accident prevention
  • Industrial furniture
  • Solid Tools – Stock Removal
  • Equipment and accessories for machine tools
  • Cooling lubrificants and chemicals
  • Lifting
  • Measuring tools
  • Manual, electring and air tools
  • STools Logistics (automatic systems for product management)
  • Hard metal and HSS tools (custom or standard) production and sharpening
Marchi Distribuiti

Marchi Distribuiti

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Marchi Distribuiti