Drilling with mechanical fastening and inserts

Remove material to produce cylindrical holes, using drills with interchangeable inserts, with cusps of carbide or HSS.
HSS or HM pilot drills for longer and longer holes to be executed in shorter times.
Perform very short holes and 100 times x D increasing diameters becoming so large as to have no more power available in the machine.


Types of drills with mechanical fastening

  • Drills with mechanical fixing insert from 2 to 6 x D
  • HM exchangeable tip drills from 1,5 to 10 x D
  • HM pilot drills with mechanical fixing insert from 5 to 10 x D
  • HSS exchangeable tip drills for deep holes
  • Gundrills with interchangeable inserts for deep holes

Types of inserts in different shapes

  • Carbide hydropneumatic tools
  • Carbide cusps
  • HSS cusps