Milling with mechanical fastening and inserts

Choosing between a wide range of cutters with different characteristics with the aim of obtaining the required piece in a competitive manner.
Deciding the right one, in its shape, size, composition, knowing how to use it properly, this is an Art that requires skills, knowledge, but also passion, perseverance and inventiveness.


Types of mechanical fixing mills

  • Facemills
  • Shoulder and groove milling cutters
  • High feed mills
  • Disc mills

  • Chamfering mills

  • Counterbore end mills

  • Thread milling cutters

  • Milling cutters for seeger grooving

  • Plunge milling cutters

Types of inserts in different shapes for all kind of mills

  • Carbide inserts
  • Cermet inserts
  • Ceramic inserts

  • Inserts in CBN, cubic boron nitride

  • Inserts in PKD, polycrystalline