Parting and grooving with mechanical fastening and inserts

Cutting the piece separating it from the remainig material, getting to the centre and recovering the needed disks, obtaining rings of all sizes.
Obtaining notches with a specific depth and width, rectangular or multiform, on round exteriors or frontally on planar faces.
Grooves and grooves for gaskets, seats for rings, passages for lubricants and lots of other forms for the most various applications.


Types of parting and grooving tools with mechanical fixing

  • Tools for radial cutting
  • Outsourcing, internal, radial, axial grooving tools

  • Cutting and truncating blades
  • Cutting and truncating blades with holes for cooling lubricant
  • Tools with holes for cooling lubricant
  • Tools with holes for high pressure cooling lubricant
  • Cutting blade holder

Types of inserts for cutting and grooving

  • Cutting inserts
  • Grooving inserts
  • Inserts for grooves
  • Unilateral, bilateral, indexable inserts
  • Inserts for multidirectional machining